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I run some dumbass server somewhere


Tyler, The Creator fans when someone uploads Gay Gay Ass Shit (Alternative Intro):

@nanobotsdrain oh for sure, IL knows how to make good VSTs. Harmor is nice.

@nanobotsdrain oh yeah for sure, FL sucks when it comes to that. The fact that you can't even load straight audio clips onto the Playlist with the base model is absurd lmao

@nanobotsdrain I think it's fun though. was never good with it unfortuntately.

@nanobotsdrain yeah the FL workflow is pretty different to everything else, you either use FL or literally anything else, no in between lol.

@nanobotsdrain i like the fl studio workflow. it's fun. although starting with it kind of fucked me because it's different from Ableton Live and by extension literally every other DAW.

@marsupialgutz dude so fucking true

@nanobotsdrain wrong and bad, FL studio is also good

Nonbinary people don’t just “identify” as nonbinary.

We ARE nonbinary.


doing some research


A gendèr is a type of metallophone used in Balinese and Javanese gamelan music. It consists of 10 to 14 tuned metal bars suspended over a tuned resonator of bamboo or metal, which are tapped with a mallet made of wooden disks (Bali) or a padded wooden disk (Java). Each key is a note of a different pitch, often extending a little more than two octaves.

for true authenticity to the source material make it using the SuperTuxKart engine

when is someone going to make payday 2 but libre

@canadianwotaku CanadianOwOtaku

growing up autistic is fun because everyone is like "wow you're so smart" because you know a lot of big words and so you test well in school but then you get into the real world and you can't take care of yourself or socialize or do anything that an adult needs to do and you realize that you're actually like, disabled and nobody wanted to tell you because they think being disabled is bad

Legitimately thinking about picking up a Yubikey when my next paycheck comes in.

good mroning liberals

the two genders

facebook: "type c - for fast charging"

person replying with a comment saying "C" "bro, i have diabetes type 1"